Postpartum Doula Care

Receive the Nurturing and Nourishment you deserve.

The first 6 weeks are crucial for nourishment, the balancing of hormones and restoring energy and vitality. Women need the space and opportunity to find more balance and need more support. Postpartum Doula care can ensure these very things.

After the Birth

Postpartum Doula Care can allow you the space to heal and bond with your new family.  As a postpartum doula, I can help you maintain a more sacred and restful space so you can focus on healing, nourishment, sleep, and bonding.  I provide non-biased information on newborn care, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, and family adjustments. I can help guide and affirm your own unique parenting skills while providing some relief from the everyday stresses. Whether that be helping prepare some nourishing postpartum recovery meals, assisting you with breastfeeding or enabling you to shower or take a nap. Overall it improves both flow and function in your home and provides space for you to find more balance in your new life. I offer a prenatal visit to start developing a postpartum plan! Since I'm a Lactation Specialist, I also offer breastfeeding tips as you enter this mother-infant relationship.

You have just brought new life into this world! You deserve to rest, be nourished and to focus on bonding with your new family.

postpartum doula care
postpartum doula care
postpartum doula care

Be nourished with healing meals formulated for postpartum recovery.

The early weeks after birth, the woman undertakes a huge transformation. One of those being the rebalancing of hormones, fluids and nutrients. Nutrient dense food is one of the easiest ways to replace vitality that can be easily depleted as a new mother. When the mother is nourished nutritionally she will feel more balanced, have improved mood and energy and can better care for her baby. I love cooking meals for mom from The First Forty Days recipes, specific at restoring vitamins and minerals and supporting postpartum recovery and lactation. Allowing a postpartum doula to help plan, prepare and cook nutritious meals lifts potential burden or anxiety and sets you up for more optimal recovery that will effect the rest of your health for weeks and years to come.

postpartum doula care

Now offering postpartum recovery meal delivery.

Postpartum Recovery Meal Delivery Package

Meals formulated to support postpartum recovery, hormonal balance and lactation. Pick and choose meals or sit back and let Rose create a meal plan just for you. 

  • Nourishing meals of your choice or suggested for you from First 40 Days recipes
  • Choose from a variety of nourishing soups, bone broths, or hearty main dishes.
  • Choose from a variety of healthy baked desserts and snacks such as blueberry spinach muffins, pumpkin lactation cookies, gooey brownies and more.

COST: $28/hr and you pay for the groceries. Shopping done for you.

Hourly Postpartum Support

Pick the amount of hours and which days work best for you. Make a personalized plan with Rose, just for you. 

  • 1 prenatal visit for education and planning your postpartum care
  • support includes postpartum recovery, breastfeeding or feeding help, newborn care, nourishing meal preparation and familiy adjustment

COST: $28/hr

Virtual Postpartum Support

Receive some postpartum guidance during social distancing in the comfort of your home virtually.

  • 1 prenatal visit for education and planning your postpartum care available if desired
  • pick the amount of hours you'd like. It can be shorter visits spaced throughout the day to maximize the benefits of longer in home postpartum care
  • Support includes postpartum education and consultation regarding postpartum recovery, breastfeeding or feeding baby, newborn care and family adjustments.

COST: $100 support package of 3 hours virtual consults and unlimited text support

If you'd like to further explore Postpartum Care we can set up a free consult to discuss your needs and vision.

What if you could feel so supported and so nurtured that your primary focus was self recovery and bonding with your new family?